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⚫ Summary

Since 2017, Livepeer’s mission has been to build the world’s open video infrastructure. Today, Livepeer’s decentralized transcoding network processes over 2 million minutes of video per week and supports a growing open source community of builders with over $10 million USD in funding for global video infrastructure as a public good.

Spurred by a new wave of AI capabilities, decentralized media technologies and applications have the potential to empower a new generation of digital content creators and communities for whom video is an increasingly important medium.

With the launch of the Livepeer AI Subnet in May, we are also announcing the Livepeer AI Video Startup Program to fuel the growth of the most disruptive startups at the intersection of AI and media.

A select number of ambitious startups will be invited to join a bespoke 3-month program designed to accelerate the development of decentralized AI video technologies and applications. Teams will receive grant funding, mentorship, investor networking, expert technical support, and exclusive early access to Livepeer’s AI Video infrastructure.

⚫ Who Qualifies?

We are looking for teams who are:

  1. Values-Aligned - a shared commitment to open source and decentralized technology as well as disrupting the digital media landscape with novel and innovative video use cases for AI and blockchain.
  2. User-Focused - obsessed with product and taking it to market with a creative and responsive UX, demonstrated by an ability to iterate quickly and create viral loops.
  3. Committed - a readiness for product and technical founders to actively participate in biweekly calls with Livepeer, give technical updates and to engage with other founders in the cohort.
  4. Early-Stage - preferably with a MVP or early product with a small user base and are interested in or are currently fundraising.
  5. Using video infrastructure - interest should be in using the Livepeer network to perform inference tasks on trained AI models in the context of video and media workflows including transcoding and content delivery.

⚫ What will Startups get ?